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Case Studies

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Robotic Clinch & Sealant Assembly Robotic Clinch & Sealant Assembly
Flexibility in sunroof assembly occurs when multiple operations are integrated into one system — clinching, sealing, riveting. [PDF]
Mirror Bonding Workcell Mirror Bonding Workcell
Kuka robots work in concert to apply reflector panels of a solar dish concentrator. [PDF]


Shipping Clip Gasket Attachment Shipping Clip Gasket Attachment
Two sizes of bowl-fed gaskets are picked and placed onto shipping clips that protect ink cartridges during transport. [PDF]


Printer Ink Cartridge Prep System Printer Ink Cartridge Prep System
A Bosch Pallet Conveyor System transports ink cartridges for filters to be precision heat-staked and vision inspected. [PDF]
Booster Test & TMC Installation System Booster Test & TMC Installation System
A Bosch Pallet Conveyor System moves boosters through a series of automated tests sequences. [PDF]

Lean Cells

Control Valve Assembly System Control Valve Assembly System
Four stand-alone workstations allow one or multiple technicions to handle any production requirements. [PDF]
Sunroof Frame Grease Station Sunroof Frame Grease Station
Compact workcells perform a specific greasing application using "closed-loop" logic for consistency and accuracy. [PDF]

Test Systems

Shift Durability Testing Machines Shift Durability Testing Machines
Stand-alone units provide wear/fatigue testing for police car shifter mechanisms under temps from 85°C to -40°C [PDF]