Xigent Automation Systems, Inc.

Industries Served


Cartridge Case Assembly System
- complies with Class II, Division I guidelines
- for hazardous environments


Sterilization Process Equipment for Chicken Eggs
Four-Part Spout Assembly for high volume Drink Products

Medical Devices

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Endoscopic Instruments
Biopsy valve processing and pack-out
Diagnostic Test Strips
Dental bit processing work cell
Three-Axis Milling machine to create prostheses

Consumer Products

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Dishwasher Soap Packet Handling Equipment
Ink Jet Bottle Assembly
Laser Cartridge Disassembly
Lipstick Assembly Equipment
Relay/Switch Assembly and Test
Small Appliance Sub-Assembly
Solar Cell Handling
Tooth Brush/Filament Assembly and Handling Systems

Industrial Products

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Metering Industrial diamond powder, assembly/test processes


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Feed, Inspect and Bond mirrors to a Parabolic dish
Bench top Harvester for De-Watering Algae

Heavy Vehicles

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Disc Brake Assembly


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ABS Module Assembly
Air Bag Controller Module Assembly
Air Bag Inflator Assembly and Test Systems
Air Conditioning Compressor Assembly and Test Systems
Auto Glass Handling with Vision-Guided Robots
Ball Joint Assembly and Gauge Systems
Caliper Brake Assembly
Door Check Link Assembly and Test Systems
Electronic Module Assembly and Test Systems
- EEC, MAF, Speed Control, etc
Fuel Injector Sub-Assembly Systems
Half-Shaft Assembly Systems
Hydraulic Fitting Assembly
I-Shaft Assembly Systems
Knuckle Assembly
Manifold Assembly and Test Systems
Seat Slide Assembly and Test Systems
Solenoid Assembly and Test Systems
Steering Column/Shifter Assembly and Test Systems
Steering Gear Assembly and Test Systems
Sun Roof Assembly & Test
Supercharger Assembly Systems
Throttle Body Assembly and Test Systems
Wheel Speed Sensor Assembly

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